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Aug 10, 2013 5:00am PDT
speaking this year. rick perry, governor of texas, bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, senator marco rubio from florida. there are banner names who are likely to pop up on the republican side who haven't yet arrived in iowa. also senator ted cruz will be here. what we will be hearing from cruz, santorum, those who do come is a focus on family leaders core messages and values, they are anti-abortion, sort of the evangelical cadre of the republican party here in iowa. that's the audience that they're going to be speaking to today on stage. >> all right, kasie, in another part of the state yesterday there was an event called madam president that emily's list, the group that supports final maim democratic candidates for office. this was called the first hillary 2016 was not there. senator claire mccaskill who has already endorsed her was there. tell us what went on there yesterday. >> mccaskill was acting as though she was a surrogate for a hillary clinton presidential campaign. i spoke to her after the event. that was really focused on, in fact, being a counter point to this event we're seein
Aug 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
" columnist and distinguished fellow. robert mann, professor at louisiana state university and author of "the walls of jericho," walter fields, now executive editor of, black public affairs news and website. jack rosin that wi rosenthal, j department aide to robert f. kennedy. thank you for joining us. bob, i was struck by "meet the press" 50 years ago this sunday. the automatic sumgts if black people are coming to washington, d.c., they're militant. >> militant negros, look out. to me part of the problem with over what has happened in the past half century, despite all the progress that has been made, i think not nearly enough, i think that there are not enough militant negros out there marching or do whatever else -- doing whatever else is necessary to bring economic justice, which was the underlying theme -- actually not so underlying theme of the original march on washington. i think that's one of the reasons blacks are having such a hard time right now. >> jack, i wondered, you were there in the justice department, being part of the preparations for really -- just take
Aug 3, 2013 5:00am PDT
for george mcgovern instead of nixon in 1972. and we now know that louisiana's colorful 85-year-old former governor edwin edwards and his 34-year-old wife had a baby boy on thursday. edwards recently finished servinging ayears in federal prison for racketeering and extortion. allegations of corruption marked his four terms as governor. he once famously said that the only way he'd only be taken down was if he was caught in bed, quote, either a dead girl or a live boy. and now at 85, he is a new father. i want to find out what my guests know now that they didn't know when the week began. speaking of new parents, krystal? >> well, i haven't seen any, don't blame me, i voted for romney stickers yet, but i'm waiting on that. one thing we know that changes made in 2010 to racist crack sentencing has already had a huge impact, saving 16,000 prison years and $500 million. think progress had that this week. >> rick? >> one thing we know is that the cbo is goosing the numbers with a lookback on changing the employment numbers for the last three or four years. it's one more quiver in the arrow, to tr
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)